Our Story

The Tipps Trio, from Mt. Enterprise, Texas, consists of two daughters Brittany and Jordan, and their mother, Melanie. With a God-given love of music and harmony, the Tipps Trio is doing what they feel God has called upon them to do– to share Jesus and the Gospel in music. Although Melanie and her girls started singing at a young age, they officially formed the Tipps Trio in September of 2011. Since then, they have attended Steve Hurst School of Music in Cleveland, TN, an amazing week of worship and learning.

It has been their privilege to travel and sing in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Mississippi.  Their ministry area is not limited to these places, but will eagerly extend to wherever the Lord leads.  Singing as a trio is something that they all love and enjoy and they are so grateful that God has opened the doors for them to do so.

While they work hard to improve their sound and blend, their greatest desire is that the songs they sing will have the true message that will minister and encourage people wherever they sing.  You can search the world over and find many talented and wonderful singers/performers, but you’ll never find a greater God than the one of whom they sing, for there is ONLY ONE!  What a reason to sing!  Glory to His name! 

I will praise the Lord while I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. ~ Psalm 146:2